Adding Subtitles To DivX Movie..

How Adding subtitles to DivX movie ????

Basics for adding subtitles on your movie!

Step 1

First get the Subtitle file, you can find some Subtitle files in English on these website: [dutch subs] [dutch] [Romania subs] [Polish] [Greek] [Swedish] [Dutch] [Portuguese and Brazilian subs] [Polish] [Serbian, Slovenian, Croat, Macedonian] [Yugoslavia] [Estonian, English and Finland] [Estonian] [Estonian] [Estonian] [French] [Portuguese] and [Brazilian] [Asian and Bollywood] [swedish] [turkish] [English French German Spanish Italian Dutch Portuguese Turkish] [Portugal & Brasil Subtitles] [cz/sk subtitles] [swedish]

Step 2

Now you saved the file of the movie, you need to convert it from .Srt to .Ssa
The easiest program for this is
Change the standard configuration from yellow to white!

Step 3

Now you need to put the subtitles on the movie
The easiest program for this is VirtualDub
Extract the files in a folder then open "auxsetup.exe" and click on "Install Handler"

Step 4

You need to put this plugin in the "Plugin" folder:

Step 5

Now open VirtualDub.exe then click on File > Open File
Then browse to the movie you want to add subtitles.
If you did that go to Video > Filters > Add > Subtitler
Then a configuration will open then browse to the subtitle file you just converted in Step 1.

If you all did this right do File > Save as Avi !

Done !!

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9.2.10 delete

how to remove subtitles from a particular scene or frame without cutting,blurring the scene in virtualdub ?