Fxping Tutorial

FXP stands for File eXchange Protocol (FXP). With this, you can transfer files from one server to another, without downloading or uploading.

This is could be faster, cause it doesn't depend on your own internet connection, but on the connection between the two servers. (Remember, the connection between an pub in Indonesia and an pub in South Africa will be probably much slower! But that is logical, isn't it?

Also know that you can't FXP to/from all pubs, but I'll explain this further in this tutorial.

Wich program to choose?

There are lots of popular FTP/FXP programs and most of those are quite similar to each other.
However, I will explain just one program in this tutorial, FlashFXP.
If you choose to use another program, then you still can use this tutorial, because most of the FTP/FXP programs work about the same.
For more information about FlashFXP you should have a look here.

First of all, download FlashFXP and install the program on your computer.

Note: Always check if the option "delete after download" is not selected!

Can I FXP to/from all pubs?

No, you can't, not every pub can be used for FXPing.
Both pubs have to support passive mode and must allow port command to foreign hosts. Also at least one pub needs to be a non NT pub (so unix would be fine). So it is possible to FXPing from an NT to and unix, and vice versa, but NOT from an NT to an NT!

You can find these pubs in the Scanned anonymous FTP's section on your favorite board. Look for pubs wich say: Fxpable.

It is however possible to increase the amount of pubs wich could be used for FXPing, see the Proxy's section of this page or click here.


As stated on the previous page, you can't FXP to all pubs. However, when you're using a Wingate, you can FXP to a lot more pubs.
A Wingate can be used by a LAN (Local Area Network. If you are using an Wingate, all your transfers will pass this Wingate, incoming and outgoing. With this, you can FXP to a lot more pubs!
The advantage is more pubs to FXP, but the disadvantage is that you will have to find an fast Wingate, cause otherwise it will only slow things down.


An technique is that if you want to upload something from your HardDisk, you first upload everything on a storage pub, after that you FXP the files to you destination pub. This has got some advantages.
First, if your transfers fail, you don't have to upload everything again from your own pc, but you can FXP the files again. The destination pub will probably soon killed by the sysop or deleted, cause there are many people connection. If that happens, you don't have to worry, you can simply re-upload the files again from your storage pub.
The main disadvantage is that it takes more time (uploading twice) and you will have to find a safe and fast storage pub.

But, when you have found yourself a good storage site and are able to FXP, then you can build pubs as fast as hell!

And now go back pubbuilding!!!!!

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