How Do I Unpack WinRAR Files ?

Once you have WinRAR installed it is easy to unpack (extract) files with it.

If the file number series you have starts with .r00 and ends with .rar then you simply have to double click on the .rar file. (Note: the .rar file is really the first file in the archive)..

When WinRAR opens just click on the "Extract To" icon and then click "OK" on the window that pops up. All of the WinRAR files will automatically unpack back into one new folder inside the folder containing the split WinRAR files.

If the file number series you have starts with .001 and ends with .0(whatever number) then when you double click on the first file, .001, the "open with" window will appear. Select the "other" button on the window and then browse to C:\program files\winrar and find WinRAR.exe and select it. From now on WinRAR will be available in the "open with" menu to just scroll down to it.

Anyway by starting with file .001 all the files should automatically extract back into one folder, again just click on "Extract To" and then click "OK" in the next window to extract all the files back into one folder.

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