How To Get Your .BIN Files To Work

Ok do you ever download a movie/game/application and when you unpack it you get nothing but .bin files? Well, here's a way to make them work.

.bin files require .cue files to play.But sometimes .bin files don't come with .cue files so here I will show you how to actually make a .cue file....

1) Open up a new text document.
2) Type this in to your text document:

FILE mybinfilename.bin BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Only replace "myfilename.bin" with the name of your actual .bin file!

3) Save your text document.
4) Then rename it exactly like your .bin file only put a .cue extension at the end.
5) Launch your newely created .cue file with any ISO reading program (Daemon tools alcohol 120% etc)

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