How to make a screencap of a movie!!!

This is a guide on how to easily create and add great looking screenshots to your upload.

The 2 things you need are:

1.ImageGrabberII - A brilliant program....!

1. Creating screenshots

To get started open up your movie in ImageGrabber (supports wmv aswell) and the movie will start playing. Click the red stop button and the movie is open and ready to go.

Click this button

And the following dialog box will appear...

Enter the number of screens shots you would like to take of the scene. A good number for a scene is probably about 10-15 and you can have a play around with this and the number of columns explained in the settings below to see what you like.

When you click OK it will go through the movie taking the screen shots and add them to the timeline across the bottom.

You can add individual selected screenshots by using the scrollbar to move to the picture you want and clicking this button to add the current image at the end of the timeline.

Once you have all the pics you want you can arrange the screenshots in the timeline.

* Right click a screenshot to delete it, delete all or change the text label.

* Left click a screenshot to drag it to where you want in the timeline.

ImageGrabber settings

Once you have all the screens you want, on the File menu click Save File and you will see the following default settings dialog box ...

Layout: Good idea to make the dimensions of each screen (Tile) a fraction of the original to avoid distortion.

Style: Details of the drop shadow around your screens and the background color for your image.

Info: You can include the time each sample was taken in the vid.

JPEG: You can adjust the quality down to reduce the file size say for a full movie with many screens.

Details: You can include the basic movie statistics in the image.

There are plenty of possible configurations, try playing around with different settings until you find a layout you like.

Click the save button and using the Default settings will produce an image with a layout similar to this ...

Once you have your image you may want to resize it or modify it in some way, a nice free and easy to use image viewing/editing tool is irfanview -

Now you have your screenshots, the next step is hosting your cool new image.

2. Hosting screenshots

The are a few free image hosting web sites around and most of them operate the same way. The best 1 at the moment is:

I edited this with pics and photobucket hosting.

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