How to Rip a DVD

Alright, in this tutorial you will learn how to make high quality DVD rips, that will still be under 700 MB.

Long ago, I did not know how to do this, and I resorted to stupid ripping programs that would mess up the audio and video, and I would get pissed.

Be pissed no longer my comrades. Today, you will learn to rip.

Ripping The DVD Files

First you need a DVD. I chose to rip Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

You will also need 2 programs to rip the DVD. Those are AnyDVD and AutoGK.

First, insert your DVD into your DVD drive on your computer.

Once its in, start up AnyDVD. This will cause a little fox icon to appear on your taskbar. Right click the fox icon and select "Rip Video-DVD to Harddisk..."

A screen will come up and look like this:

Click the "Source Directory" folder and select where the video source is. On all DVD's the source will be located in the "Video_TS" folder on the DVD. So simply navigate to the DVD folder and select the "Video_TS" folder. Like such:

Then select a folder that you want to output the DVD files too. *Keep in mind that you are ripping the DVD files, which can be over 5 GB! So make sure you have space.

Finally hit copy DVD and watch as it copies the DVD files to the folder.

Converting the DVD files to an Avi

Once you have ripped the DVD files, close AnyDVD, and open up the folder where the files are stored. You should have a folder with files looking similar to this:

Make note of that large file. Anything above or near 1 GB is gonna be our video file. Memorize where it is and its name.

Open up AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot).

Navigate the input file to where our 1 GB VOB file is located.

Then navigate where you want the video to be saved upon completion. Next, set the predefined size to 1 CD (or 700 MB). This will keep our file under 700 MB no matter what.

Next click the Advanced Settings tab. Change the settings to how you see them in the picture.

Finally, click the "Add Job" button and then click "Start".


This part of the process is called waiting.

Q: Now Thearium, when I use tools like Magic DVD Ripper it only takes about 30 minutes to rip a DVD.

A: Because we are using higher quality DVD Ripping tools, this may take up to 3 hours. But don't worry, the final product will be beautiful, and very smexy.

(People will think you are as good as aXXo)

Yay... Its Done
When the DVD Rip is finally done you will have an AVI file wherever you decided to save it to. It is fully playable, will be high quality, and will be under 700 MB.

The End

Thank you for reading my tutorial and I hope you have many happy rips in the future.

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