Improve Boob Size With Photoshop

In this tutorial we'll learn how to improve breast in Adobe Photoshop

Final result:

In this tutorial we'll learn how to improve breast in Adobe Photoshop. Open a picture:

Make a new layer.
Layer-Duplicate Layer.
In layers window you can see a new layer (press F7 if you don't see this window).

Deactivate base layer to make it invisible:

Take Eraser
with small size, and erase some hair and background behind left breast.

Go to
or just press Shift+Ctrl+X.
In filter's menu find
Freeze Mask tool:

This tool actually "freezes" some areas of the image. Select beads and decorations to avoid it's enlargement. To resize your tool faster use [ (to make it smaller) and ] (to make it bigger) on your keyboard.

Now choose Bloat tool:

Set brush size which is a bit bigger than left breast, and make it bigger a little bit:

Do the same with the other breast:

Hit OK and you'll get to the main Photoshop menu.

Make your base layer visible:

And you're done!


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