Reduce Lag in Online Games

Most of this is common sense, but some people just don't have it figured out, so I'm hear to help those people

so you play your online game (like Warrock ) and you get these annoying little screen freezes, or all out lagging, causing you too loose, well here is some things you can do to help stop your lagging

1. Close all open windows, so that your task bar is empty.

2. Stop/disable your anti viruses (especially if your using Norton), and any software firewalls, adware/spyware programs etc.

3. Make sure your browser is closed, go ctrl+all+delete to view your running processes, and look for firefox.exe, iexplorer.exe or what ever browser your using.

4. Unhook all nonessential items out of your usb/ethernet ports.

5. When your game is open, do a ctrl+all+delete, and end the process "explorer.exe"

When you are done your game, and close it, all you will see is your wallpaper, so to restart the explorer.exe process, do the ctrl+all+delete, then go to "file" and then "New Task (Run...)"

and then simple type in "explorer.exe" and click "OK"

6. Reboot your computer prior to playing, especially if your computer has been running several days straight

So hopefully you should have significantly less lag while playing online games, and on some games you can pick your server, sometimes it helps to get one closer to your area, or one with less people on it

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7.10.10 delete

Trust me, it helps.

I didn't know Norton could be a factor in unsatisfying game times. I just wonder, how about those gaming sites with viruses?

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