Reflective Eye in Photoshop

Reflective Eye in Photoshop
First lets take two images, one will be a closeup of an eye:

And another is what will be in the reflection of the eye, I'm using a beach scene.

Ok, so lets open the eye photo, in one window, and the beach scene photo in the second window.
Select the beach scene photo, click CTRL+A, or Select->All to select whole picture, then CTRL+C, or edit-> copy to copy what we have selected, then open
the eye picture, and paste there, CTRL+V, we will now get a new layer with the beach scene photo in it.
Now lets click CTRL+T or Edit->Free Transform and put it somwhere so it covers the eye. You should have something like this:

I lowered the opacity a bit so you can see the eye as well, but anyway, what we are going to do now is put the opacity of nature layer to 0%
so we can see the eye. Now take the Polygonal Lasso Tool, that is in the Lasso Tool Tab:

and lets select the whole eye, and put the opacity back to 100%, and we will have this:

Now lets go Select->Inverse, so we have our selection inversed, then go Select->Feather, put it about 40-50 pixels, if the picture is big, if small then 10-20 pixels
and click delete until you have something like this:

Now, lets put the opacity to 0% again, and select the black part of the eye, like this:

Now lets put the opacity back to 100%, go Select->Feather, put about 35 pixels, click CTRL+C or Edit->Copy to copy this part of the eye, then
click delete, make a new layer then go CTRL+V or Edit->Paste, to paste the part of picture we selected in the black eye area.
So, now we have our upper layer as black eye selection, and second as the outer part of eye.
Lets put our black eye selection opacity to about 50%, and outer eye selection to about 30%, cause reflection is better in the black part.

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