Encoding you movies with Helix Producer Pro

This are the setting i found to have a fair quality and a good size to put the movies on the phone. 30minutes +- = to 3.7 Mb:

- 1) you need to set your input file (divx, avi, mpeg, rm, *.*)

- 2) you need to add a file destination (target and name for destination)

- 3) in Audiences menu you need to clear all sellectet and leave only one for full customization.

- 4) set the resize, leaving the constrain size on, to 176x (the default size of the movie size)

- 5) set the codec to Real Player 8

- 6) by clicking in the audience file you have more options...set them to: 18 kbps 5fps

- 7) All audio codecs to 6.5 kbps

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