How to Convert AVI to DVD

Ok, so you've got this downloaded AVI (DiVX, XViD) movie and you want to watch it on your TV, but you dont have a DiVX DVD Player. I am going to show you how to convert this AVI movie to a DVDISO image with minimal to no quality loss of the movie file.
Tools Needed:

Tools Needed:
-AVI2DVD (here)
-CCE SP v2.67.00.27 (Search Torrents, found mine on ISOHUNT)
-DVD Decrypter (here) -DVD Burner

Step One: Install all software listed above.

Step Two: Start up AVI2DVD and load .AVI file.

Step Three: Choose Output

Here is where you choose the format you want the video to be encoded into.(VCD,SVCD,DVD5,DVD9) Here we are going to choose DVD-5.

Step Four: Choose Encoder

This is the step where we choos the encoder we wish to use to convert our files. (1)When you get to this step Click Locate CCE and browse for the CCE SP exe file and click Open. Verify that the bar above the passes box is Green and says CCE Found! If it says this your all set.

The amount of passes you use is completely up to you, I recommend using 5 or more passes if video is under 100 mins. 6 or more for anything over 100 mins. The more passes the better quality DVD you will get. Maximum passes allowed is 9.

Step Five: Enocding Time!

This is the longest step in the whole process. Time for full encode depends on how many passes you chose. Each pass takes about an hour.

Clcik Add Job, in the box right under that button, Job Queue, Job 1: (filname) should have appeared. Now clcik the GO !!! button. After clicking GO !!! a box like this will appear:

Click Proceed. After clicking Proceed 2 Command Prompt Boxes will appear after a while (usually 30 to 60 seconds after) that look similar to this:

DO NOT close them, they are encoding the audio to AC3 format for use on the DVD. (The box pictured is the first one to appear. after that one goes away the second one comes up). After the second dialog box disappears this should come up:

Click Apply Then Click OK. After clicking OK you should get:

This box will be up for a sit back, relax and let it do its job. First it will do an INFO pass, then it will do the number of video passes you chose.

After the last encoding pass finishes, these next four command prompt boxes show up one at a time:

After those are all gone and your back to the AVI2DVD screen you're done for this step!!

Step Six: Burning the ISO

The last step....your almost there.

Open DVD Decrypter.

Clcik Mode > ISO > Write and you should get:

Now just follow the instructions in the pic above, and when its done burning, congratulations! your done!

Now just pop the DVD in your player sit back and enjoy.

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