How to speak with Dragons

Ok speaking with dragons isnt easy. They are one of the hardest animals to talk to. This may take alot of your life but it is worth it

Getting started

You will need some items to be able to communicate with them. First you need to find the globe of communication. This globe can communicate with anything in the universe . It will translate any language. But you can only translate what the dragon is saying and you cant talk back. Theres a solution witch ill explain later. But first you must find this. Try buying a globe of communication tracker at wal-mart. They are hard to find but if your lucky they will have them in stock.

This is what the tracker looks like

Use this to help find the globe of communication. Dont worry it will come with instructions. You can also use this to find dragons. Its a very use full device
There are not True pictures of this because it cannot be photographed. but here is a model made to look like it.

After you find it use it wisely because it can only translate a certain amount of language. Its randomly generated. So sometimes you can translate alot sometimes only a little. After its done it will vanish back into another hiding location.

Your going to need to be able to speak to the dragon. For this you will need a special megaphone with a dragon speak translator in it. Your going to need it to be camo so the dragon cant see your using it. (it will attack you if it thinks your not a type of dragon). You can pick these up at your local wal mart as well. They just got the new ones it. They should look something like this.

Dragon Communication

First use your equipment and make sure its working. Find a dragon with your tracker and sneak up on it. use your load speaker and start saying you mean no harm. You are not going to hurt it.If you dont do this it will most likely attack you and you will be dead. Once you are close and he knows you are safe he should start talking. use your words carefully. dragons have a bad temper. So be carefull. DONT TAKE PICTURES. if you do he will kill on the instant you try to take one. Have a fun conversation. But dont talk to long. If the globe dissapears he will think you dont want to talk and prob attack you. and one more thing. dont talk to the black dragons they will kill if you try to talk. They are not friendly at all.

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