How to connected your N-Gage to your PC ?

How to connected your N-Gage to your PC ?

Method - 1

Just used the usb dispatch supplied by nokia. Existent is cry further play hardware. after you connect it, the windows will detect your N-Gage as a generic hard drive and install the appropriate driver. If you are reposeful using Windows 98, if the windows ask for the driver, browse in your CD supplied by Nokia. Usually the drive will be F: or G: ( depends on your daily drive inside your windows ) This irruption is refer to your MMC card inside you N - gage Console. ( REMEMBER NOT TO LOCKED / PUT PASSWORD TO YOUR MMC. IF YOU Engage in WINDOWS WILL NOT Come across Sound )

Method - 2

Another method for installing the games to your MMC is by using the 'CARD READER'. It is a hardware. It is not that expensive.

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