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Active Server Pages ( ASP ) is Microsoft's server - side script engine for dynamically - generated web pages. It is marketed as an add - on to Internet Information Services ( IIS ). Programming ASP websites is made easier by various built - in objects. Each object corresponds to a group of frequently - used functionality useful for creating dynamic web pages. In ASP 2. 0 there are six such built - in objects: Application, ASPError, Request, Response, Server, and Session. Session, for example, is a cookie - based session object that maintains variables from page to page.

Most ASP pages are written in VBScript, but any other Active Scripting engine can be selected instead by using the @Language directive or the
<.script language=" language " runat=" server ".> syntax.
JScript ( Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript ) is the other language that is usually available. PerlScript ( a derivative of Perl ) and others are available as third - party installable Active Scripting engines.

InstantASP and ChiliASP are technologies that run ASP without Windows Operating System. There are large open source communities on the WWW, such as ASPNuke, which produce ASP scripts, components and applications to be used for free under certain license terms.

ASP Tutorials Links
A comprehensive 12 parts tutorial that will show you step by step how to build from scratch an database driven asp chat application. On-line demo provided and full source code zip archive available for download. Ready to be used on any Windows IIS based web hosting.

ASP School

Yet another fine site from the W3Schools that includes an introduction, ASP syntax, ASP variables, procedures forms, cookies, ASP components, ASP objects and more - also examples and a quiz.

Active Server Pages tutorial for beginners

This looks like a great site that features a tutorial with lots of source code examples including forms, date, time, cookies, creating and reading files, cookies, basic images and a reference.


This is an exhaustive set of short lessons on every ASP topic imaginable with lots of sample code.

ASP Tutorial

A short ASP tutorial that can be read online or downloaded.

DevGuru Built-in ASP Objects Quick Reference

This is a valuable 71 page reference source that explains and provides comprehensive, working examples of code for all of the collections, events, methods, and properties belonging to the seven Built-in Active Server Pages objects.

ASP Visitor Sample

An example of visitor feedback with ASP and a database.

ASP Chat Room

Example chat done in ASP.

Utilizing ASP for Database Access

An ASP ADO Tutorial in Displaying Database Information on a Website with IIS and SQL Server using ODBC and a Data Source.

A Beginner's Guide to Sending Email from an ASP Page

This tutorial focuses on how to send email from an Active Server Page using CDONTS (Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server). This one-page tutorial focuses solely on the NewMail object.

Working with CDONTS

Send email from an ASP page.

Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail Object

The NewMail object gives you the ability to send a message within an ASP page with only few lines of code.

Locking Scripts

Lockout unwanted users from accessing your ASP scripts.

About Developing Reusable Libraries

This web site talks about specifics of developing reusable libraries that integrate well with the Common Language Runtime

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