C Interview Questions

Common Questions List of C Programming

# how do you delete a link list?
# What is the difference between arr and &arr? How does one declare a pointer
# How to detect a loop in a linked list.
# Write code to return the middle of a linked list
# How to create a copy of a linked list.

# What are near, far and huge
# Write a C program to free the nodes of a linked list
# Is the cast to malloc() required at all?
# How do you reverse a linked list without using any C pointers?
# What do Segmentation fault, access violation, core dump and Bus error
# What is the difference between an array of pointers and a pointer to an array
# What is a memory leak? # What is the difference between malloc() and calloc?
# What is the difference between pointers and array ?
# How many different trees can be constructed using n nodes have ?
# How will you reverse linked list? Write a C program to do the same.
# How to declare a structure of a linked list?
# What is a NULL pointer? How is it different from an unitialized pointer?
# What is a null pointer assignment error?
# Does extern in a function declaration mean anything?
# Does C support function overloading?
# When should a type cast be used?
# What is the purpose of a function prototype?
# How to declare an array of N pointers to functions returning
# Can we declare a function that can return a pointer to a function of
# How do you convert a tree into an array? # What is a void pointer? Why can't we perform arithmetic on a void
# what is heap sort?
# How can I write a function that takes a variable number of arguments?
# With respect to function parameter passing, what is the difference
# How to reverse the odd bits of an integer?
# Give pseudocode for the mergesort algorithm
# How would you find out if one of the pointers in a linked list is corrupted
# Write a C program to insert nodes into a linked list in a sorted fashion
# How can I pass the variable argument list passed to one function to another
# How do I pass a variable number of function pointers to a variable
# How to read a singly linked list backwards?
# Does C have boolean variable type?
# To what does the term storage class refer? What are auto, static
# What does the typedef keyword do?
# How are floating point numbers stored? Whats the IEEE format?

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