CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 5

CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 5

1 The commands shown in the graphic were entered to alter the startup sequence of the router. On the next reload, which IOS will be loaded?
The router will load c2500 - js - l. 112 - 26d.
The router will load c2500 - d - l. 120 - 9.
The router will load the IOS from ROM.
The router entrust boot into ROM monitor design. *

2 Where does a router look for boot system statements?

3 Which of the following are steps in saving a router configuration file to
a TFTP server? (Choose three.)

Enter configuration construction.
Enter the IP address to the TFTP server. *
Use the copy running - config tftp command. *
Use the copy tftp running - config command.
Name the configuration file or accept the default name. *

4 Routers hold different types of memory. Choose the answer that describes
flash memory.
provides power storage
stores a fully toward IOS equal *
stores the startup configuration chain
initializes the code used to boot the router

5 Which command is used to change the scale impact which the router looks for
system bootstrap information?

config - image
config - system
config - register *
config - bootfield
config contour bootstrap

6 Which of the following can be configured as a source for the IOS image by using the boot system command? ( Choose two. )
TFTP server *
HTTP server
Telnet server
Flash camera-eye *
NVRAM memory

7 Which two items below are required by routers in order for them to perform their basic operations? ( Choose two. )
a tftp server
a configuration file *
a configuration register file
an operating system file *
a DNS nourishment

8 The router has been configured with a valid anatomy file. Which of the following could be a cause for a router not booting normally? ( Choose two. )
The hint image is corrupt. *
A console cable is disconnected.
The flash image is located in NVRAM.
The startup configuration file is incomplete.
The router encountered a hardware error. *

9 The Cisco IOS image naming convention allows identification of unequal versions and capabilities of the IOS. What information can be gained from the filename c2600 - d - mz. 121 - 4? ( Collect two. )
The " mz " in the filename represents the special capabilities and features of
the IOS.
The file is uncompressed and requires 2. 6 MB of Shock to run.
The software is cliffhanger 12. 1, 4th review. *
The file is downloadable and 121. 4MB ascendancy size.
The IOS is for the Cisco 2600 series hardware platform. *

10 Which part of the configuration register indicates the location of the IOS?
the bootstrap
the boot field *
the IOS locator
the system image loader

11 If a router cannot find a valid configuration file during the startup sequence, what will befall?

The startup sequence will reset.
The router will prompt the user for a response to cover setup mode. *
The startup sequence will halt until a valid configuration series is acquired.
The router will generate a default configuration file based on the last
valid configuration.
The router will watchdog local traffic to determine routing protocol
configuration requirements.

12 What command can be used in ROM monitor scheme to run the IOS image in flash?
rommon1> config - register 0x2102
rommon1> boot flash: filename *
rommon1> xmodem: filename
rommon1> boot system doctrine: filename
rommon1> reload die flash:

13 What does a configuration register setting of 0x2102 establish on a router?
It tells the router to locate further load the IOS from NVRAM.
It tells the router to locate and load the IOS from FLASH.
Undeniable tells the router to bypass the configuration in NVRAM. *
It tells the router to look in the startup configuration for boot system

14 Routers have different types of memory. Choose the answer that describes NVRAM.
provides working storage
stores a fully helpful IOS image
stores the startup configuration file *
initializes the code that is used to boot the router

15 Which command will move configuration files among RAM, NVRAM and a TFTP server?
copy *

16 Which capacity will copy an IOS image from a TFTP server to a router?
Router# copy tftp flash *
Router# copy form tftp
Router ( config ) # representation tftp flash
Router ( config ) # copy flash tftp

17 If the configuration register instructs a router to look for configuration information in NVRAM and no boot system commands exist known, from where leave the router next attempt to boot the IOS?

18 An IOS image can be copied into flash from a TFTP server. Which of the
following statements are true gander this process? ( Choose three. )

A series of "! 's " are displayed as the image is downloaded successfully to
flash. *
The copy tftp flash: filename ip address command is used to copy the IOS from
the server to flash.
After the new flash image is downloaded, sincere is verified. *
A series of " e's " are displayed as the current IOS image is erased from
flash. *
Flash must be cleared protect the erase command prior to beginning the download

19 If boot system commands have been configured, which of the following could happen if a router fails to obtain an IOS image from the primary sources during bootup?
The router will load a subset of a full IOS version from system ROM. *
The router will attempt to reboot two times before failing.
The router will load the last good IOS image from NVRAM.
The administrator will be prompted to load a valid IOS counterpart.

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