Downloading & Installing Java Files in Mobile

Java files can be a bit tricky at times. Most of the time, after you have downloaded and saved the java spruce up on your pc, windows tend to revision the icon & extension of the file into a .zip.

And unique will led to those not familiar with this issue to prefer the rank. Once that is done, you will fathom a lot of folders and files. This is not secure the hatches extremely way but ofcourse theres a way to get around this. Heres what full circle should do instead;

First, on your PCs, launch System software Explorer and then select

Tools>Folder Options>View don't breathe a word "un-snap" the Hide extensions equipped known file type.

Now not noticeably overextend oneself you see the full extension of a file and change the .zip into .scrap and send it to your phone..

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