How To Remove BIOS password

OK,let's say someone password protected the BIOS of your or any other computer.
In most cases,you will only be blocked from accessing the BIOS settings (means no booting from CD),
but in the worst case,you won't be able to do anything on the computer.
The question is - how to remove the password ?
Here you go:

When you try to enter the pass-protected BIOS settings of a motherboard,most likely this will appear:

So you can't really change anything without knowing the password.I will describe 2 ways of password-removal in this tutorial,but there are additional 2-3 ways of doing it...the second way is the best.

1. Try backdoor password

Almost all motherboard manufacturers place so called "backdoor" passwords in the BIOS.
An ASUS A7V8X-X motherboar was used for this test.It's a quiet popular motherboard here.
I can't guarantee these passwords will work,but you can try it if you want.Each manufacturer has different passwords,here's a list you can try:

Award BIOS:




Phoenix BIOS:


So enter these instead of the real BIOS password,and maybe it will work.Maybe not.
If it doesn't work,let's try the second method.

2. The best method

Removing the motherboard's battery and placing it back after 10-15 minutes is the best solution.
You can also try using the jumper that the motherboard has,and set it to clear the BIOS settings.

First turn off the computer of course,and get the power cable out of the 220V connector.Just to be sure.
Than open the side of your computer case and find the battery on the motherboard.
It looks like this,on 99% of motherboards:

Now get a small stick,or if you have small fingers,you can do it using them.
So get the stick/fingers and push the little clip on the battery-holder back,so the battery will pop-out.

Now,when the battery is out,leave it on a safe place where it can't get hurt.
Put it back after 10-15 minutes on the motherboard.
Just place it on it's place,and push it down slowly with your finger.Don't press it strongly.

When the battery is fitted in correctly,turn on the computer.
If you did everything fine,the BIOS password will be no longer there.
But all the BIOS settings will be set to default,so you'll need to set them again (if you want).

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