How To Speeding up your pentium 2 by 50%



Speeding up your pentium 2 by 50%

We all know that you really shouldn't try to run Windows XP on anything less that about a Pentium 3 of some sort if you are out for speedy operations and amazing reaction times,but for those of us with the good mature Pentium 2's who want to see just how well we can run XP, we have to tweak as much as we can where - ever we can. A real killer to the system's performance is Windows Media Player. Although valid may look desirable and fancy with it's rounded off edges and 3rd - Dimensional appearance, the truth is, it takes up a large charge of that super processing power. All of these troubles however,lead to one thing in particular with this 'new - look' over - rated music and video player... the Visualisations.

The gun - great i'll give blessing but like a lot of software these days, it has no purpose. If you run the task manager, and click the Performance tab along the top, you'll seethat when Windows Media Player is running and nothing else is active, it takes developing around 50 % of the processors efficacy. Once these visualisations are turned off,irrefutable barely takes up 2 - 3 % of the processors power, which leaves much more room for other applications to sweat efficiently. Here's how to disable the feature:

1. Open Media Player
2. Make sure the Now Playing tab on the left is selected.
3. Click the View menu along the prime.
4. Verve down to Now Playing Tools
5. Predominance the sub - menu that has just 'popped - out', uncheck Show Visualisation.

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