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Oracle is a comprehensive operating environment that packs the power of mainframe relation database management system into user's micro computer. It provides a set of functional programs that user can use as tools to build structures and perform tasks. Because applications are developed on oracle are completely portable to the other versions of the programmer can create a complex application in a single user, environment and them move it to a multi user platform.

Users do not have to be an expert to appriciate Oracle but the improved user understand the program, the more productively and creatively he can use the tools sensible provides Relational Database Management system A Relational Database Management System ( RDBMS ) can effectuate a wide range of tasks. It acts as a transparent interface between the existent storage and the logical presentation of data. It provides a set of more or less flexible and sofesticated tools for handling information. Users can use the tools to

· Define a Database
· Query the Database
· Add, Edit and Delete data.
· Modify the structure of the Database.
· Report with in the Networks.
· Exports and Imports the data.
· Security.

Oracle the Right Object

To keep track of records is often the best reason to consider buying a software package. Ballot a proven product increase the chance that we will get a system capable of meeting complete our needs. Oracle has had many years in the relational market to often on the large,
Complex applications. Although Oracle demands greater expertise on the part of the application developed, an application developed oracle will be able to keep pace with growth and change in the apple at large.

Oracle Gives You Security and Control Oracle has several features that ensure the integrity of the data base. If an interruption occurs in processing, a Rollback can reset the database to a point before the disaster. If a restore is necessary, Oracle has a Roll forward command for recreating your database to its mast resent save point. Oracle provides user suppress several functions for securing data. Grant and Revoke commands limit access to information down to the row and parade levels.
Views are valuable feature for limiting access to the primary tables string the database.

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