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JBuilder is a Java IDE from Borland / CodeGear. It has won several consecutive awards as the most powerful IDE for professional Java Programming[citation needed].

Borland / CodeGear sells a variety of versions of JBuilder, besides offers a free limited recital for beginners of the Java language.

JBuilder's main competitors are the products from Eclipse Foundation (Eclipse), JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA), BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems (NetBeans).


JBuilder was conceived within Borland in overdue 1995, by the people fascinated with the virgin language Java including David Williams, Carl Quinn and Jayson Minard working in Borland's Element Product Group and the C + + Group. Carl Quinn sequential created the Baja component model which became the basis of the JavaBeans specification. Jayson Minard created the Java prototype which was the prime mover for the JBuilder IDE, and the DataSet model for database access. Other people later joining the team were Joe Nuxoll and Blake Pearl who led the development of the prime unimpaired - Java version of the act, and with Blake Stone eventually become JBuilder's bad scientist after Jayson Minard vacated the role.

The first news of JBuilder was mostly written supremacy Delphi other than the form designer and component library. Version 3. 5 was the first written fully pressure Java, and this platform, revolutionary for those days, 1997, permitted users to add " add - ons ", a. k. a. OpenTools, and so customize the IDE for their purposes. As a result, Oracle was able to physique their initial JDeveloper based on JBuilder ( in 2001 JDeveloper was rewritten, at once it does not comprise component code from the JBuilder product ). A community formed around the new product, adding more and more new plugins. One of such plugins, the Well-balanced plugin for JBuilder finally evolved into a separate, standalone product - but the interest, TogetherSoft, was eventually acquired by Borland.

JBuilder 3 had a character for being still and unstable. By version 3. 5 Tony de la Lama took control over the production process - and since thereupon, until his departure in 2003 to haul control of the TogetherSoft acquisition, Borland produced a tragedy of JBuilder every 6 months, with superiority ever improving and features being added. Splurgy de la Lama declared war on competing products, in his campaign, targeting VisualCafe, then WebGain. Borland won these wars with JBuilder.

One of the lines of heightened development was J2EE. JBuilder is now able to work with multiple aim servers, besides can be used for developing netting services and JSPs. Another line, where developers initiative did not always find understanding hold the management, is Sovereign Programming. Another feature is integration with Borland's profiler, Optimizeit.

In 2004, Blake Stone left Borland and joined Microsoft[2] to become the architect for the Microsoft Visual Studio Core Crew [3]. Tony de la Lama left Borland further joined BEA Systems as vice president on January 2005[4].

Lately, Reserve, an open source platform / IDE that is modular and highly extensible, has been taking over. Borland was one of the founding members of the Eclipse Foundation. Ascendancy February of 2005, Borland significantly higher its support of the Eclipse platform and joined its board of directors as a strategic developer [5].

In November 2006, Borland announced that their Developer Tools Group would turn out a wholly - owned subsidiary CodeGear, focused on maximizing developer productivity. As a product, this new task is now the owner of JBuilder.

At the end of 2006, CodeGear officially released JBuilder2007, which according to CodeGear is the headmost application server independent enterprise class IDE built on the ajar source Eclipse project. This was a complete redesign of the Jbuilder codebase. Similar to IBM's Rational Software Architect built on top of Eclipse with a lot ( 14 CDs ) of IBM content, Borland has added value at a higher level by creating Hide plug - in modules for code quality assurance, CPU profiling and debugging, modeling, visualization, team boost, etc.

Trial downloads of their bit software are available on the CodeGear website, which reverse to the " handout " principle version when the 30 day trial phrase expires. A " Turbo " version is also available but no details have been released in consummation regarding the features.

JBuilder Tutorials Links

Text in JBuilder
URL: http://www.scism.sbu.ac.uk/inmandw/tutorials/hmtools/jbuilder/text.htm
A JBuilder tutorial that demonstrates the steps of building a text editor in JBuilder.

JBuilder Tutorial: Building a Java text editor
URL:http://info.borland.com/techpubs/jbuilder/jbuilder9/designui/texteditor/tetutorial.html Borland tutorial that demonstrates building a java-based text editor in JBuilder.

JBuilder 9 Personal Tutorial I
URL: http://www.cs.dal.ca/~arc/teaching/CS2110/Tutorials/introToJBuilderTutorial.htm
A JBuilder 9 tutorial with screenshots.

JBuilder Lesson 1Hello World!
URL: http://www.javacoffeebreak.com/tutorials/jbuilder/lesson01/index.html
The goal of this lesson is help you to become familiar with the Borland JBuilder tool, and for you to write, compile, and execute a simple Java application that displays the message "Hello world!".

JBuilder Lesson 2Introduction to applets
URL: http://www.javacoffeebreak.com/tutorials/jbuilder/lesson02/index.html
In this lesson, you'll learn how to write simple applets in Borland JBuilder, and how to use the design view to construct a graphical user-interface (GUI).

JBuilder Tutorial
URL: http://www2.hanover.edu/cliburn/100/tutorial.html
This page gives a quick tutorial to creating a project in JBuilder.

JBuilder Madness Chapter 1
URL: http://homepages.borland.com/ccalvert/JavaCourse/Chap02/Chapter_02.html
Creating a Simple Applet in JBuilder.

URL: http://info.borland.com/techpubs/jbuilder/
This JBuilder X Product Documentation page provides updated documentation downloads, and online access to the latest documentation.

Tutorial: Creating a GridBagLayout in JBuilder
URL: http://info.borland.com/techpubs/jbuilder/jbuilder9/designui/gridbaglayout/intro.html
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a GridBagLayout UI container using the JBuilder visual design tools. The goal of this tutorial is to give you a thorough understanding of how GridBagLayout works in JBuilder and to show you how to simplify GridBagLayout design. While the information here is aimed at working with JBuilder, much of it also applies to working with GridBagLayout in general.

Compiling Java programs
URL: http://info.borland.com/techpubs/jbuilder/jbuilder9/bajb/compile.html
Short tutorial from Borland on compiling with JBuilder.

Building Java programs
URL: http://info.borland.com/techpubs/jbuilder/jbuilder9/bajb/build.html
Borland article.

How to deploy JBuilder applications
URL: http://www.devdaily.com/java/edu/jb/jb010001/jb010001.shtml
An article that discusses how to use the JBuilder Deployment Wizard to deploy your java application.

How to use JUnit as a library in JBuilder
URL: http://www.devdaily.com/java/edu/jb/jb_junit/
"Here are the simple steps required to include the Junit JAR file into your JBuilder environment."

Programming JBuilder's TreeControl Component
URL: http://www.devdaily.com/java/edu/jb/jb010003/jb010003.shtml
This article uses the JBuilder TreeControl component to build a TreeControl frame to act as an index for a hypothetical book.

JBuilder 5 Tutorial: Building an application (PDF link)
URL: http://faculty.washington.edu/rfish/is579j/lectnote/jb5_tutorial.pdf
This is a link to a .pdf document with screenshots showing how to build a java application in JBuilder5.

JBuilder Update
URL: http://homepages.borland.com/bstone/opentools/basics.html
The basic steps required to create, compile, and install a JBuilder Foundation OpenTool are unveiled. This tutorial assumes that the developer has a solid Java background.

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