The Oracle Environment

The Oracle Environment Oracle is a modular system that consists of the Oracle database and several functional programs. Oracle's tools do four major things of work.
1. Database Management.
2. Data access and Manipulation.
3. Programming
4. Connectivity.

Database Management Tools

This ( is usually known as RDBMS by oracle ) includes the core programs in that Oracle's database management system, the Oracle database with its associated tables and views, which are stores information related
to every fact of the database system. User name, user access rights, table attribute, storage information and auditing data for disaster recovery are stored in the data dictionary.

The Database Administrator

The person responsible for a Database is called the DatabaseAdministrator ( DBA ). The DBA has a special set of previleges and has complete over the database. Any system ditch numerous than one user should have a DBA. The function of DBA include. Creating primary database storage structures. Modifying the structure of the database. Backing up and restoring the database. Monitoring database performance and efficiency. Transfering data between database and external files. Manipulating the phisical location of the database.


Terminal user have less complex but equally essential tasks. They must be forceful to
· Query the database.
· Open printed output.
· Share data with or secure skinny from others.
· Use non - export methods to update the database.
· Describe applications from a user extremity of view.


Oracle is an open system i. e. the database is accessing by different counsel access languages twin SQL, Visual Basic,Power Builders, Delphi, VC + +, JAVA etc. Oracle supports database upto gigabytes in size.

* Oracle supports large character of concurrent users.
* Oracle supports true client / server environment. if enable processing to be spilt between database server and the client application programs.
* Oracle provides high levelof data security in terms of users, passwords privileges, and permissions.
* Oracle database behaves same on all platform line Windows, Unix, Dos, Mainframes etc.

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