SAP Interview Questions - 1

SAP Interview Questions - 1

# What is the command in subscript?
# In ver 3.0b how is the print program to layout set?
# What’s an effective way of using an internal table record? What are the types of internal
# In production what is the user exit?
# What type of user exits have you written?

# Have you worked with field groups? Have you used Import/Export statements?
# In the ‘select’ statement what is group by?
# Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these?
# On ABAP: Did you set up a workflow? Are you familiar with all steps for setting up a
# Have you created Maintenance dialog or Table Maintenance?
# How to create client independent tables
# Difference between client dependent and client independent tables?
# Have you created database tables?
# Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes?
# Elementary search helps, Collective search help.?
# What does an EXEC SQL stmt do in ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?
# What is open sql vs native sql?
# What is a collect statement? How is it different from append?
# If an entry with the same key already exists, the COLLECT statement does not append a new
line, but adds the contents of the numeric fields in the work area to the contents of the
numeric fields in the existing entry.?
# How can I copy a standard table to make my own z_table.?
# Which transaction code can I used to analyze the performance of ABAP program.?
# How do we debug sapscript?
# Can we create field without data element and how?
# When top of the page event is triggered?
# How do you get output from IDOC?

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