SAP Interview Questions - 3

SAP Interview Questions - 3

# Select statement to read data into internal tables. Types of Select statements?
# hat’s an effective way of using an internal table record?
# Types of internal tables?
# Field groups?
# Control levels in internal tables?
# How to eliminate duplicate entries in internal tables?
# Size of the internal tables?

# Field groups and internal tables?
# Handling of internal tables?
# What is an Open Item in SAP? How will you find an Open Item in SAP?
# What are the modules in FI that you have worked on?
# In the MM module for finding out the standard cost what is the view one has to look at?
# What is the work you have done in the MM module and what programs did you use for creating views in MM?
# Condition technique?
# In the function module for reading text from the S.O header what needs to be specified?
# How do you get the Sales Order (S.O) No. from the Delivery Order?
# While picking can the pick list be updated automatically?
# In delivery processing which step comes first picking, packing,posting goods issue ?
# What happens when you post goods issue after delivery? How does the inventory get reduced after the delivery?
# Do you need and enquiry or quotation before we start the SD process?
# Explain what are the steps in the SD process at least up to the invoicing stage?
# What is an Unpack command?
# What is the reserve command?
# How many interactive reports did you write?
# What is the most complex interactive report that was written by You?
# Double click function on the lists, identifying the line selected by the user on the list.
# At-Line selection, At user-command etc..,?
# Exit and Stop. What is the difference?
# Check and Continue. What is the difference?

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