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VRML ( Virtual Reality Modeling Language, usually pronounced vermal, originally known as the Virtual Reality Markup Language ) is a standard file format for representing 3 - dimensional ( 3D ) interactive vector graphics, designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind.

VRML is a text file format where, e. g., vertices and edges for a 3D polygon can be specified along with the surface color, image - mapped textures, shininess, transparency, and so on. URLs can be associated with graphical components so that a web browser might fetch a web - page or a new VRML file from the Internet when the user clicks on the specific graphical component. Animations, sounds, lighting, and other aspects of the virtual world can interact with the user or may be triggered by external events such as timers. A special Script Node allows the addition of program code to a VRML file.

VRML Tutorials Links

A Beginner's Guide to VRML
URL: http://wp.netscape.com/eng/live3d/howto/vrml_primer_index.html
This document is intended to provide a ground level introduction to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) for those wanting to author VRML worlds for use on the internet.

URL: http://www.vruniverse.com/tutorials.html
A spartan version of the tutorials (58 kb) can be downloaded for offline learning in addition to the online material.

Floppy's VRML97 Tutorial
URL: http://web3d.vapourtech.com/tutorials/vrml97/
Part 1 introduces VRML and shows you how to create simple objects. Part 2 covers more advanced objects, and how to make them more realistic, while Part 3 covers animation and interaction, showing how you can make your worlds more exciting.

VRML Audio Tutorial
URL: http://www.dform.com/inquiry/tutorials/vrmlaudio/
This is a guide to learning how to implement sound in VRML 2.0 files. It's assumed you know a bit about VRML 2.0 and its basic features and functions.

The VRML Primers
URL: http://www.hal-pc.org/~johnnie2/tutors/primer/
If you know nothing about VRML, this is where you start. The primer is actually a series of tutorials, covering what VRML is, how to get a browser/plug-in, basic code structure, and finally a short introduction to the rest of the tutorials.

Getting Started
URL: http://www.hal-pc.org/~johnnie2/tutors/basics.html
Build on what you've learned in the primers. These will help later on in advanced subjects.

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