C Sharp Interview Sample Questions Answers - 1

C # Interview Sample Questions Answers

1.What is designer view?
Designer view is the view of your form you would choose when you want to design your form, such as resizing the form or adding controls to it.

2.What is code view?
Code view is the view of your form you would choose when you want to view or write the code of your application.

3.What is a class in a programming language?
Programming languages, including Visual C#, use classes to represent a person, place, thing, or concept.

4.What is an object of a class?
An object of a class is a single instance of a class, just like each of us could be said to be an object or instance of a Person class.

5.What are namespaces used for?
Namespaces are used to organize code in a logical manner.

6.What is a property of a class?
A property is a characteristic or attribute of a class.

7.What are characteristics of a Windows application?
A Windows application has a graphical user interface (GUI) and is event-driven.

8.What is an event of a class?
An event is something that happens to an object of a class, such as a result of user interaction.

9.What is an event procedure?
An event procedure contains code that executes when a specific event happens to a specific object.

10.What is the purpose of the assignment operator?
The purpose of the assignment operator is to assign the expression to its right to the variable or property to its left.

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