CCNA Sample Quetion Answers - 1

This Quetions are Commonly Asked In CCNA Examination

Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer?
* BootP
Correct answer: B E

What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer?
* Handles access to shared media
* Manages protocol access to the physical network medium
* Provides SAPs for higher level protocols
* Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another on the data link layer
Correct answer: B D
Media Access Control (MAC) -The MAC sublayer manages protocol access to the physical network medium. The IEEE MAC specification defines MAC addresses, which allow multiple devices to uniquely identify one another at the data link layer.

Which three of the following are true statements about connection-oriented sessions?
* The segments delivered are acknowledged back to the sender upon their reception
* Any segments not acknowledged the are retransmitted by the receiver
* A manageable data flow is maintained in order to avoid congestion, overloading and loss of any data
* Segments are sequenced back into their proper order upon arrival at their destination
Correct answer: A C D
Connection-oriented services are useful for transmitting data from applications that are intolerant of delays and packet re-sequencing. FTP and Telnet applications are based on connection-oriented services as well as some voice and video programs. Any segment that is not acknowledged by the received is retransmitted by the sender.

You are given the IP address of with a subnet mask of What is the network address in binary?
* 10101100 00010000
* 00000010 10100000
* 10101100 00000000
* 11100000 11110000
Correct answer: A
To find the network address, convert the IP address to binary–10101100 000100000 00000010 10100000–then ANDed it with the subnet mask–11111111 11111111 00000000 00000000. The rest is 10101100 00010000 00000000 00000000, which is in decimal.
The first octet rule states that the class of an address can be determined by the numerical value of the first octet.

As a system administrator, you need to provide your routers with a Domain Name System (DNS) server. How many DNS servers can you specify with one command?
* 6
* 1
* 2
* 4
Correct answer: A
You can only specify six name servers in one command. The syntax is “IP name-server server-address1 [[ server-address2 ]…server-address6]. You must also enable

As a system administrator, you want to debug igrp but are worried that the “debug IP igrp transaction” command will flood the console. What is the command that you should use?
* debug IP igrp event
* debug IP igrp-events
* debug IP igrp summary
* debug IP igrp events
Correct answer: D
The “debug IP igrp events” is used to only display a summary of IGRP routing information. You can append an IP address onto either command to see only the IGRP updates from a neighbor.

Which three devices can be used to convert the user data from the DTE into a form acceptable to the WAN service’s facility?
* Modem
* TA/NT1
* CO
* SS7
Correct answer: A, B & C
A modem, CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit), or TA/NT1 (Terminal Adapter/Network Termination 1) can be used to convert the user data from the DTE into a form acceptable to the WAN service’s facility.

A default route is analogous to a _________.
* default gateway
* static route
* dynamic route
* one-way route
Correct answer: A
A default route is analogous to a default gateway. It is used to reduce the length of routing tables and to provide complete routing capabilities when a router might not know the routes to all other networks.

Identify the IPX standard access-list number range?
* 600 - 699
* 1000 - 1099
* 1 - 99
* 100 - 199
* 800 - 899
Correct answer: E
IPX standard access-list range is 800-899.

What is required to support full-duplex Ethernet?
* Multiple paths between multiple stations on a link
* Automatic sensing operation by all connected stations
* Loopback and collision detection disabled
* Full-duplex NIC cards
Correct answer: C D
Full duplex ethernet requires that the NIC supports full-duplex, and loopback and collision detection are disabled.

Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class?
* 128 to 191, Class B
* 192 to 223 Class B
* 128 to 191, Class C
* 192 to 223, Class C
Correct answer: B & C
Address classes are: 1 to 126, Class A; 128 to 191, Class B, 192 to 223, Class C; 224 to 239, Class D; and
to 255, Class E. The first octet rule states that the class of an address can be determined by the numerical value of the first octet.

What command would you use to find out the names of Novell servers on a network?
* show ipx servers
* show ipx hosts
* show ipx sap
* show ipx nodes.
Correct answer: A

Which layer is responsible for providing mechanisms for multiplexing upper-layer application, session establishment, and tear down of virtual circuits?
* Session
* Network
* Physical
* Transport
* Application
* Presentation
Correct answer: D
The Transport layer does the following: Responsible for end-to-end integrity of data transmission. Handles multiplexing upper-layer application, session establishment and tear down of virtual circuits. Hides details of network dependent info from the higher layers by providing transparent data transfer. The ‘windows’ works at this level to control how much information is transferred before an acknowledgement is required.

Identify the 2 items that TCP and UDP share in common?
* Both use port numbers to identify upper level applications
* Operate at the Network layer
* Both are Transport protocols
* Both are reliable communications
Correct answer: A C
TCP and UPD are both layer 4 Transport protocols and both use port number to identify upper level applications.

Describe End to End network services: (Choose all that apply)
* Best Route selection
* Accomplished Segment by Segment, each segment is autonomous
* Flow Control & Data Integrity
* Best efforts packet delivery
Correct answer: A B C D
All of the above End to End network services.

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