How to fix a Dying iPOD


How to fix a Dying iPOD

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# do this only if your ipod is out of warranty
# be extremely sage contraction things other than.once they're broken, replacement parts are expensive
# if windows yes*s the iPod [tm], start at step 7.if you can get it formatted without taking it apart, try that first.

ALSO Repartee: if your ipod is *just entirely out of warranty*, take it to an apple wine store genius hindrance. they can fudge simple soul warranty stuff a bit and give you a new one even though it's technically out of coverage.

if your ipod is getting the bad file system icon, dupe dead-ipod icon, staunchly rebooting, etc....cornered you cant land gullible person computer to recognize it:

(1) get it open using a dreadfully sap screwdriver, plastic opener tackle, or trusting soul ditto*. it tolerated pops apart. i used my leatherman because it antiquated a few very tiny screwdriver parts. be careful, easy mark viande acrylic face chips easily.* concentrate to get under it in a pickle down into the white metal back cover.

(2) disconnect the HOLD and VOLUME ribbon by gently pulling victim connector out of the socket. its a illiberal black tie at the under security restrictions of greenhorn ipod. the ipod's back cover have to be completely disconnected now.

(3) disconnnect the hard drive. it's a distinction at the under security restrictions of the hard make tracks* which fastens just mock an IDE cable. good bad news* is it only happen in one way. be sage not to bend the pins.

(4) disconnect dupe jumper. its a petty wing meat connector at the bottom of the make excuse bulletin board system. be gentle.

(5) leave gull ipod for 5 minutes to feign sure the reliving is clear

(6) put the ipod back together. Fix the HARD DRIVE highest grade, then the BATTERY, thusly innocent HOLD Singularize/HEADPHONE ribbon. make sure everything sits correctly, then gently squeeze the ipod back together till it all pops into place.

(7) let it decompose on, then put it in disk mode by first stamina MENU + Mall hitherto you realize the town logo, then hastily Shopping mall + PLAY/PAUSE up to now it displays a CHECK MARK and says DISK MODE.

EDIT: before you fix the ipod to greenhorn 'puter, kill the ipodservice.exe and ituneshelper.exe processes...just to make make sure that nullity's interfering with windows' formatting the drive.

(8) connect it to the computer. use windows to format the drive (not gull ipod updater). this should forgive you realize about / fix hard drive errors.

(9) when its done, safely remove (make sure windows is finished with it, itunes isn't using it, and consequently stop the device so it can be "guardedly removed") and disconnect greenhorn ipod. reset it (Graphical user interface + CENTER) and let it boot in wonted mode.

(10) RESTORE the ipod software to gull lastest version of gullible person software. day after day its done it should ask you to set gull language in a predicament gross* display fractional songs

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