How To Increase PC Virtual Memory



Increase PC Virtual Memory

Need extra ram? Has your computer been slowing down? have you gotten the Yellow pop up on your desktop that says "Low Virtual Memory" well then this is for you, and it will add ram to your computer to speed up your computer and this will especially be useful for gamers. If you have 512mb of ram then put 1024, if you have 1024 ram then put 2048, so double what you have, I have 1gb or 1024 so i doubled it to 2048. To See the Full tutorial, read below:

How To Increase Your Virtual Ram - The most popular videos are a click away
Now first lets check how much ram you have To check do this
1. Click start
2. settings, control panel
3. system You will see Under computer: Your processor name speed and ram Now in order to this correctly, you need to make your virtual ram double your physical ram so if you have 1 gig ram you need to set virtual ram to 2 gig How do you set virtual ram settings? Easy In that same window (system window) click advanced Then under performance click settings when you click settings click the advanced sub tab on top at the very bottom you will see virtual memory click change click your main harddrive, on mine its C: so highlight that then click custom size now you need to input the ram in mb to convert gig to mb use this now if you have 1 gig ram, it will be 1024 x 2 = 2048 In your initial size mb and maximum size mb, they need to be the same click set and then OK

If you put too much virtually memory your computer will certainly slow down on boot because it has to initialise all of the virtual memory at boot... be careful. The more RAM you have the less virtual memory you should need because you can fit more programs in memory !
Dont upgrade to more then 2 gbs of virtual ram from harddrive.

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