How To Install Antivirus Software On Your USB


NOD32 is the best Antivirus Software for your Windows PC and eBlaster probably the best spy software. I will show you a tip to store NOD32 Anti virus on a portable USB Drive.

1. Have NOD32 installed in your pc
2. Plug-in your USB Stick and make a new NOD32
3. Goto x:\program files\ESET (NOD32 Installation Directory)
4. Copy nod32.000, nod32.002, nod32.003, nod32.004, nod32.005, nod32.006, nod32.exe, nod32r.dll, nod.ovl into your thumbdrive:\NOD32 (if you couldn’t find nod32r.dll, you may copy nod32api.dll and nod32aui.dll)
5. Copy all files in updates (i.e. the folder "updfiles") into yourthumbdrive:\NOD32
6. Your NOD32 portable is ready to use. Run the nod32.exe from any pc

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