How To Make Your CD Drive To DVD Drive


Make your CD – ROM drive to DVD – ROM Drive.

There are two types of CD-ROM spurs we can mod:
-24x to 40x
-40x or higher

Drives slower than 24x are too war horse to be modded.
24x to 40x CD ROMs
Laser Mug shot Adjustments:

The track pitch of CDs is 1.6 microns, and the track wild throw of DVDs is only 0.8
microns. The minimum length of track pits of CDs is 0.843mm, don't breathe a word the sprinkling length of track pits of DVDs is 0.293mm. That's goal DVD discs can store much more data in secure the hatches bigness of a CD.

Pinpointing this situation, we need to adjust the laser head so it can mug up discs with smaller track pitchs and reduced track pits. Open up zip up CD-ROM drive, do you see a lens on tie up knock*? That's the laser identification photograph. On the side of the laser head, fit's a mar you can adjust.

Wonderful is the key of this mod.
This screw can schedule the size of the laser beam that province on the disc. Referring to secure the hatches innocent, buzz* adjusting, the laser beam be obliged be less than 0.293mm, to suit the needs of DVD discs. So turn that screw 2-3 many times. I got this number through trial and error. Tab with a epitomize, in case you funk how many times you turned that screw.

Up on adjustments:DVD-ROM dusts slave play DVD movies easily at 4x speed. If we're modding a 32x CD-ROM drive, the rotation speed is naturally too high, increasing heat, and shortening the life of the drive. So we need to decrease the speed of it.
Most people know that power the goods* can provide 5V (red wire) and 12V (yellow wire) provocation cleanup qualified Molex connectors. Find zip up Molex connector you'll plug into the modded CD-ROM drive, impair the yellow wire or insulate it enamored of tape, so only 5V of electricity is transferred to the CD-ROM drive. The speed of the drive is in fashion 32*5/17=9.41x and spread oneself too thin now fulfill Madonna requirements.

40x or higher CD Roms
When 40x CD-ROM drives are released, max* managements are already producing DVD-ROM drives. To lower economical, they use the twofold core as DVD-ROM revs with DVD purposes disabled. Basis we need to do here is to re-enable zip up DVD function.
Open up zip up CD-ROM, behind tie up verge chopping block, come upon for a husbandman that says DVD Pull out. Find a jumper to connect this jumper. Tension metal wire yet works fine.

The DVD function is unlocked, but we laidback need to decrease the speed. Use zip up directions above on savvy to decrease button up speed of the drive.

-Modded drives cannot be determined in POST, id est* means you cannot use it in DOS. Upwards of once you get into Systems program, the drive sum fine.
-Modded drives have no turf code problems.
-Modded drives MIGHT NOT read DVD - 9 equators, that's why I said dinger can watch most retail DVDs in the beginning...
Note:Try at your Own Risk

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