ITIL Sample Questions Answers - 1

ITIL Sample Questions Answers

Which task is a Problem Management responsibility?
a) To co-ordinate all modifications to the IT infrastructure
b) To record incidents for later study
c) To approve all modifications made to the Known Error database*
d) To identify user needs and modify the IT infrastructure based on such needs

When processing a Request for Change (RFC), the Change Manager initiates a number of activities.
Which action is required if this involves a complex change?
a) The Change Manager reports the change to Problem Management.
b) The Change Manager reports the change to Incident Management
c) The Change Manager presents the change to the Change Advisory Board*
d) The Change Manger presents the change to the IT Manager

The Service Desk has handled 2317 calls this month.
What would these calls include?
a)Modifications to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
b)Notices regarding modified Configuration Items (CIs)
c)Requests to the IT organization for user support*

What is the difference between Asset Management and Configuration Management?
a) Asset Management only deals with what you own: Configuration Management deals with everything in your infrastructure.
b) Asset Management is a superset of Configuration Management, as it includes non-IT assets such chairs and tables.
c) Asset Management deals with the financial aspects of Configuration Items: Configuration Management only deals with the technical details of the infrastructure.
d) Configuration Management goes much further than Asset Management because it also specifies the relations between the assets.*

Which question is being answered when an organization specifics its vision and business objectives?
a) How do we get where we want to be?
b) How do we know we have arrived?
c) Where do we want to be?*
d) Where are we now?

Which task is the responsibility of Configuration Management?
a) Convening the Configuration Advisory Board
b) Physically managing software items
c) Installing equipment at the workplace
d) Recording the relations between Configuration Items (CIs)*

A user complaints to the Service Desk that an error continually occurs using a specific applications. This causes the connection with the network to be broken.
Which ITIL process is responsible for tracing the cause:
b)Incident Management
c)Problem Management
d)Release Management

For which purpose does Service Level Management use data from the Service Desk’s incident registration?
a)To draw up Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
b)To report on the number and nature of incidents that occurred during a specific period
c)To determine the availability of an IT service using the number of resolved incidents
d)To analyze, together with other data, in order to determine if the agreed service level is being provided.*

How does IT Service Management contribute to the quality of IT service provision?
a) By recording agreements between internal and external customers and suppliers in formal documents
b) By defining generally accepted norms for service levels
c) By promoting a customer focus among all the employees of the IT organization
d) By planning, implementing and managing a coherent set of processes for providing IT services.*

A company sets up an Intranet for its graphic design workstations. The bandwidth must be increased because of the high volume of illustrations sent over the network.
Which ITIL process is responsible for approving the implementation of increased bandwidth?
a) Capacity Management
b) Change Management*
c) Availability Management
d) Problem Management

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