These are films put out by eastern bootleggers, and these are usually bought by some groups to base out as their avow. Silvers are very showy and easily available in a lot of countries, and its easy to station out a fatality, which is why there are therefore many in the scene at the moment,

mainly from smaller groups who don't last more than a few releases. PDVDs are the same thing pressed onto a DVD. They have removable subtitles, and the superiority is usually better than the silvers. These are ripped like a average DVD, but usually released due to VCD.


Due to scene rules, whoever releases the first Telesync has won that race ( for case ). But if the standard of that release is fairly pinched, if another group has another telesync ( or the alike source influence higher quality ) then the determine PROPER is added to the folder to avoid being duped. PROPER is the most subjective tag in the scene, and a lot of people will often argue whether the Right is better than the original paradise. A aggregation of groups release PROPERS just apparent of desperation due to losing the contest. A cause whereas the Fit should always be included in the NFO.


A limited movie means it has had a limited theater run, generally opening sway less than 250 theaters, generally smaller films ( such as art house films ) are released as limited.

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