All Hindi Font Converters


All Hindi Font Converters

Here you can get all links links where you can Converter Hindi font if you have any Hindi Font Problem

हिन्दी छविया

Online Hindi to Image Converter (png)

Font Convertion among major Hindi Fonts from LTRC, IIIT (online)

Shusha ⇒ Unicode Converter

युनिकोड ⇒ कृतिदेव फ़ॉट : यूनीकोड को कृतिदेव में बदलकर सुन्दर छपाई के लिये विशेष रूप से उपयोगी ।

Devanagari Font Conversion : FontSuvidha 5.0

naamabhaaratii : Name transliteration program

Convert Devanagari Text and Images into PDF (Online, by Janabhaarati)

Legacy --> Unicode, from Indictrans (Online) - can convert html or text files.

Legacy --> Unicode, from Janabhaarati (Online) - abhee theek se kaam nahee kar rahaa.

Unicode Converter (Online) : Convertrs Some Hindi and Other Indian language fonts into Unicode

PdfCreater : Open Source, light Software for Creating PDF files

Rupaantar : Universal Converter of Hindi files (from IITK)

Font Converters from LTRC, IIIT (for download) Font converter allows you to do the following: If you have texts which are font specific, you can convert them to ISCII (standard character coding scheme) or to another font (14 fonts).

ISCII Plug-in for viewing texts in Devanagari fonts provided by CADC

TBIL Data Converter : Transliteration between data in font/ASCII/Roman format in Office documents into a Unicode form in any of 7 Microsoft-supported Indian languages

Shusha, Jagaran, Nai Duniya, Sahara, Bhaskar Fonts ---> Unicode (Online)

Unicode converter by Harshita Vani

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