ERICSSON Question Answers

ERICSSON Question Answers

1. first 10 questions where of data interpretation
they will give u some figures based on that u have to answer
2. 5 questions of data sufficency.
3. 20 questions of quantitive aptitude
mainly from rs aggrawal (solved examples)
topics like profit and loss
time and work

percentage average clock time boats work and distance
4. 10 questions of analytical reasoning
a. one questions of similar puzzle given in rs agrawal verbal and nonverbal reasoning
5 5 questions of verbal reasoning
synonyms + some verbal reasoning question based on passage
6.10 technical questions
3 questions on unix
1 question which is not a universal gate
2 more question of Electronics
C paper
questions not in correcr order
1 i don't remember exactly but something on function ptr.
2 is char a[] and char *ptr same ? Ans no
3 can we use void fun(char *ptr) in place of void fun( char a[])? Ans Yes
4. what is the o/p of printf("%d",i++*++i); Ans no o/p error
5. in a 64 bit os what is the o/p of sizeof(a)= ? char a[10]; Ans 10
6 what is the o/p of
} Ans no o/p
7.can a structure point to itself ? Ans Yes
8-12. 5 questions on command line arguments (simple one from test ur c skills from yashwant
13 will this work strcpy(string,'a'); Ans Yes
14. char *a="abcd";
char *b="fgeh";
strcpy(a,b) will it work
is no what is the error?
Ans it will not work as what is beyond abcd in a is not known
15. i don't remember

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