How To Burn PS2 Games


How To Burn PS2 Games

If you don't have a mod chip for your ps2, dont worry you can low-key join in backups of your games, It's just alot more hassle. So i would orient you to get one.


If you do have a chip scroll undoing to (2)

Step 1: Extract ISO image to hard-drive

1. Open CDRWin
2. Click the Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors (Middle button on the top row) A new window will now appear. Here are the settings, shown in the picture here.
3. Extract Mode: Disc Image/Cuesheet
4. CD Reader: Select your reader
5. Image Filename: Select a directory and filename Reading Options
6. RAW, CD+G, CD-TEXT, MCN / ISRC all unchecked
7. Error Recovery: Ignore
8. Jitter Control: Disable
9. Subcode Analysis: Auto
10. Data Speed: Select your speed
11. Audio Speed: Select your speed
12. Read retry count: Anything from 2-10
13. Subcode Threshold: 300
14. Click Save Settings if you wish
15. Click Start!

CDRWin kindness now convince the image to your hard-drive.

Step 2: Patching Image

1. Open AddZer0 FrontEnd.
2. Browse for your input file. You just made it with CDRWin.
3. Do the same for the output file.
4. Select the type of patch to apply to your image.

Auto Mode converts the current Input Image to a 2048 ISO. The image is then patched, placing system.cnf at LBA 12231. This requires no other help from you.

Normal Mode functions just as the original version of AddZer0 did. If you select this mode, type the LBA of the closest file to LBA 12231 into the text box. (You need ISO Buster) This will move this file to 12232 and place the system.cnf at 12231.

Patcher Mode functions just like the 2SP Patcher did. It blindly takes the system.cnf file and places it at 12231. This will possibly corrupt data of the image which cause problems while playing the game. Therefore this mode is not recommended.
5. When you are happy with the settings, click Convert.
6. Wait for the process to finish (might take a while)

Step 3: Burning image

1. Open CDRWin again.
2. Click the File Backup and Tools button.
3. Change Backup/Tool Operation to Record an ISO9660 image file.
4. Where it says Image Filename: Browse for the image you have just patched.
5. CD Recorder: Select your CD-Writer
6. Disc Type: CDROM-XA
7. Track Mode: MODE 2
8. Select your write speed.
9. Click Start.
10. Wait for CDRWin to write the image to a CD-R.

You should have successfully made a backup of your PS2 game..

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