How to Convert Your Movies Easily to DVD


how to convert your downloaded movies to DVD so they can be playing in any standard home DVD player for your viewing pleasure.

Ok so the program you will need to download and install is Convert X to DVD by VSO

Ok so after installing you will need to edit some of the settings to give you the best use of the program and your DVD.

Now edit your settings to match mine when you have got to know the program better you can change these settings to what you like.

Here pick how long you want your chapters to be repeated, every 3 minutes is a good option.

Now here you must select the correct one for your location or for where you want your DVD to work

Near the bottom of these pages it will tell you what your country uses.

Here you will need to select how much priority the program has, the higher the priority the faster it will do its work, I would select Above Normal here but it’s total up to you.

I don't know why VSO added this option with it ticked it makes everything look messy.
Good (with this setting turned off)

Bad (with this setting turned on)

For the burning speed I would chose something between 2x and 8x the slower the better. Try to use DVD-R or DVD+R discs, the best brands are Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim.

So now onto the actual guide after you have edited the setting that’s it you’re ready to go you won’t need to edit the settings every time you start up the program.

So make sure you have a DVD-R or DVD+R in your drive ready.

Then Click here to select your movie file.

Then locate your movie file and select it.

Now Click on Convert and let it do its work.

Please note it will take time to convert.
It takes my computer 30 Minutes to convert with 2GB Of DDR2 Ram with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400.
By ashmo

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