How To Edit And Split MKV File

How To Edit And Split MKV File
Edit and Split MKV File

Matroska Muxer v1.0.0.9
This a DirectShow muxer filter. To use in GraphEdit, connect the filters outputting compressed data to the in pins of the Matroska Muxer. Then connect the out pin to the File Writer filter. Its used in both ATV2000 and VirtualVCR for MKV capturing.

mkvtoolnix v1.8.0
THE standard matroska creation and editing tool, all recent builds supports the new lacing method, so make sure to have a recent splitter. The GUI is called mmg.exe, since 1.6.0 it is coming with a nice installer to make things easy for the user.

VirtualDubMOD v1.5.10.2 build 2542
Project is more or less abandoned, nobody is working on it actively. Also, it can't support most of the modern MKV files anymore. Since version it can handle the new lacing method. Please update to the latest bugfix, build 2542. Better use mkvtoolnix or avi-mux GUI.

AVIMux-GUI v1.17.7
Definitely one of the best MKV creation and editing tools out there. Just the name sucks .....

CLI tool in java

MkvExtractGUI v1.5.5
GUI for mkvextract


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