How To Fix Corrupted Files & Missing Files After Download Them


How To Fix Corrupted Files & Missing Files After Download Them

Do not delete any corrupted files.

You have missing files or corrupted files after you download from http/ftp site.
And you can not login to the site because of 530 or link dead.

Here are the steps to fix missing files and corrupted files.
1. donwload/install bittornado from (free)
2. download and run torrent from for 1 min then stop and close bittornado (free)
3. copy/override all 0 byte of files with the files from http/ftp site
4. rerun the torrent and wait for it to finish.

bittornado will fix both missing files and corrupted files during download.
It saves a lot of time to redownload the files for corrupted files.

In step 2, you need to make sure that you have the same file name, file szie and file extension.

For example, you have downloaded silent-hill 4 from http/ftp site. And the file name is "vng-sh4.rxx".
But you have missed vng-sh4.r46 and vng-sh4.r48. You also found out that vng-sh4.r09 and vng-sh4.r21 are corrupted. What will you do? Request a help and delete the corrupted files.

You can do is to download torrents from and then check the details of files and make sure it has the same file name, size, and extension. Then run the above steps . In less than 1 hour, You will get all the files downloaded and repaired.

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