Infosys Interview Questions - 1

Infosys Interview Questions - 1

Q1) A gardner has a certain no. of trees which he has to plant in a certain no. of rows.
When he plants them in rows of 3 exactly 1 tree is left,when he plants them in rows of 5 exactly 1 is left again.when he repeats the same exercise with rows of 7 and 9, 1 is left again.But when he plants them in rows of 11,none are left.find the no. of trees.
ans. 946
Explanation: 3*5*9*7=945,945+1=946.

Q2) A dice is to made in such a way dat 1 & 6,2&5,3&4 are always opposite to each other.find the no. of ways to make such a die?

ans, dont know, prob 48.

Q3) temperatures of a city on five days are such dat there product is 12.find the the temp on each day?
ans. -1,-2,1,2,3.

Q4) a man burns a cigarrete to only 2/3rd part, if he uses the rest of the part of 3 cigarettes he makes 1 more cigrette।if he as 27 cigretes, how many did he burn in total?

ans 27+9+3+1=40

Q5)in a party the no। of women was gr8tr dan men। the combined no. was gr8tr than 100.
there were 11 more women than there would hav been if half of the women would not hav been there and 1/3rd of the men had been women.

there would hav been twice the men as women if kaazi of the women would hav been men and half kaazi of the remaining women were not there.

if kaazi is a whole no. in a particular language , then wat is kaazi?

wat is the no. of men?


1 of the equations i cud reach to is 3x-2y=66
the ans is kaazi is 20 and no. of men is 48 and no. of women is 54.

Q6)a question of 4 ppl vid a set of occupations.
a set of conditions was given.
ver easy. u just hav to follow the conditions and u get the answers to who did wat work.

Q7)speed from a to b is 10 kmph and from b to a is 15 kmph.
wat is average speed ?

ans. 12 kmph

Q8)a covers same distance in 28 steps as 24 steps of b and 21 steps of c.
a takes 6 steps as compared to 7 of b and 8 of c.
if there is a race, who won it?

ans. b

Q9)a jeweller wants to arrange some ornaments with a set of conditions.
4 parts with a set of options is given.u hav to tell arrangement of which option in dat part is correct.
very easy, just check weder each option satisfies each condition.

Q10)age of a boy is 5 times his sis.his mom is 5 times as old as him n his dad is twice as old his mom.if the sum of there ages is equal to there grandmother's age whose age is 81, wat is the boys age.

ans. 5 years.

then there was a english paper for 30 mins which was very vid even avg english shud clear that...

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