TCS Interview Questions - 2

TCS Interview Questions - 1
TCS Interview Questions - 2
Aptitude Test:
Everybody got a different mix of questions.
The antonyms and synonyms were 70% common.
The sentence completion passage was very tough. It was about steadily depleting energy resources and alternative sources of energy. I don't think I got all of them right.
The comprehension passage was quite easy. What's more I got it common as it was from
Barron's GRE guide (page 104, 15th edition passage on components of atmosphere) (Time 20 mins for verbal non verbal part.
10synonyms,10 antonyms and two passages) The quantitative part was repeated from previous papers(Time 40 mins-38 questions) The logical part was again from Barron's GRE guide 12th edition. There were three passages
with 4 questions from each passage. (Time 30 mins)

Technical Interview :
The panel had two people both aged under 30. One asked pointed questions another was moderate. HR questions were being asked for the first 5-7 minutes followed by technical questions and puzzles in between.

Q.1. Why did you select this college? Did you have any other choices? What were they? Why not an Open University? (as I had said college was not that much important for me),
Q.2. what are your hobbies reading books and playing computer games), who is your
favourite writer(J.K. Rowling), have you read all her books, Have you read Da Vinci Code, what kind of games do you play? Do you play strategy games? Which game? Have you played empire earth? Have you played Road rash?
Q.3. Why is your career graph so sinusoidal?(My marks in 12th was not good while 10th marks and B-Tech marks were better)? What are your favourite subjects? In which field would you like to work?
Q.4. You have mentioned that you want to work for a concern which provides
growth opportunities. But in TCS you have none.
Q.5. Question from DBMS; full form of RDBMS, why is it called relational? unique key, composite attribute, self join, relation schema?

Q.6. Questions from OS; zombie process, interaction between shell and kernel, CPU scheduling algorithm?
Q.7. Question from Linux; what is the first line in any shell script? command line arguments in shell script? Execution of shell script?
Q.8. Questions from C; how do rate yourself in C out of 10? Question on command line arguments? Question on character pointer? Question on string compare?
Q.9. Puzzles;Tell me within three seconds how will you distribute 10 rupees among two of us so that I get 1 Rs more than him? Puzzle of two liars? Puzzle on shape of words of the alphabet?

HR Interview :
Panel consisted of a young lady under 30 and a man just over 30. Questions were pointed but not asked in an aggressive way
Q.1. What were you people discussing outside? (we were cornering those who had finished with their interview)
Q.2. What are your friends' views about this panel?
Q.3. What sort of questions do you expect from this panel?
Q.4. What kind of books do you read?
Q.5. Tell me the story of the recent book that you have read.
Q.6. What discrete measurable skills do you have which gives you an edge over your friends?
Q.7. In what situations would you leave a company?
Q.8. Do you have anything to ask us? The funda is to stay cool and focused. They will try to grill you. But, don't showany sign that you are feeling uncomfortable. Luck is also a factor.

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