White PS3 To Debut In Japan


I’m generally happy with any gadget that comes in black, the shinier the better, and I’ve yet to be lured to the White Side Of The Force, courtesy of Apple and a million imitators.

Still, there are many who wouldn’t mind a white PS3 to go with all their other angelic gadgets and Terence Conran-inspired living rooms.

Sony has announced that Japanese gamers – and only Japanese gamers for the moment – will be getting a ceramic white PS3. The new 40GB white console will go on sale over there on November 11th, so you can expect the eBay bidding wars to commence about 10 minutes later. It will cost around £180 - £95 less than UK shoppers will be paying for the new cut-price, 40GB black console.

Sony will also use the occasion to launch the new DualShock 3 wireless controllers – also in black and white – which will see the return of good vibrations. Again, Euro gamers will have to wait until Spring for the return of rumbling.

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