Megashares Download Limit Trick


How to get the extra Megabytes when your over the 300Mb Megashare limit (Resuming)

Method 1:

1. Right click on your FlashGet Taskbar icon and Enable Browser Monitoring, click on the new download link and it should automatically update the old link to the new link and then go back to FlashGet, right click, and click on Start again so it will resume.

2. If the download doesn't start....Left click on the MegaShares download button then click on Cancel. Go to back to FlashGet, right click then click on Start.

Method 2:

1. Load the MegaShares page of course.
2. Wait for the renew timer to time out, then right click on the Download button, then click on Copy Shortcut. (Leave the MegaShare page open)

3. Open FlashGet and right click on the stopped download(it should have a red "X") and open Properties. Now Paste the new link over the old URL address and press OK.

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