How To Blur Out Timecoders / Logos From Any Movie


How To Blur Out Timecoders / Logos From Any Movie

A simple pictorial on how to ‘blur’ out the timecoder using Virtual Dub MOD and the LogoAway filter. The settings are marked clearly

NBThe Xvid settings I have used are just for this movie

Load up your Video file using Virtual Dub Mod

Then click on VIDEO - FILTERS - ADD - LOGOAWAY (find this here )

Click on CONFIGURE and then use the settings below so that you can view the 'black box' which will allow you to position it over the timecoder or logo where needed

Then back on the main screen use the slider at the bottom to move through the movie to see how it looks

If your happy with results you can now save this - these settings are only for this movie (CD1)

I would recommend for most people to save as UNCOMPRESSED and then use an automated tool to encode if your unfamiliar with using the Xvid codec configuration।

Your recoded movie


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