How To Burn Subtitles Into AVI Files


Burn Subtitles Into AVI Files

Virtual Dub
DivX or Xvid codec

If you need to convert/adjust/join up your subtitles, then use Subtitle Workshop (FREEWARE) before taking these steps!!

Once you have the software, you need to install VobSub (Virtual Dub just extracts to a folder)

Load up your video file using Virtual Dub and add the TEXTSUB philtar

Locate your subtitle file

Now back to the main window and now we need to recode the video ( FULL PROCESSING MODE )

I have used DivX in this instance, but you can use any codec ie Xvid

Back to the main window and we need to ensure that the audio remains in the same format ( DIRECT STREAM COPY )

Now we can save the new video file with a NEW name

Done !!

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