How To Make Your Own Radio Station


How To Make Your Own Radio Station On Net

Do you want to have your own radio station on the net,to broadcast any music that you like?Following the steps below you too can create your own station:

A. Downloading the main softs

1.The first thing you have to do is to download Nullsoft's audio player,Winamp.In order to broadcast you must have Winamp installed,it's the main tool,without it you cannot do anything.

2.The second thing is to download SHOUTcast server

3.Last but not least,download the SHOUTcast plug-in.

B. Configuration

Before broadcasting you have to do some settings:

#Enter the folder where you've installed SHOUTcast server and open sc_serv।exe।Double click on it.A window will appear on your screen.In the toolbar select the Edit Config tab.
It will appear a text document.In this document try to find the line with the following particle: Password=.Change the password after the "=" sign with any password you want.Save all the modifications brought to the document by choosing from toolbar File - Save.

# you're again in the sc_serv.exe window.You are anounced that restart the application that changes to take effect ( press OK and from the sc_serv.exe window choose kill Server.

# again the sc_serv.exe appilcation and let it to run in the background.

Now it's time to configure Winamp in order to broadcast on the net...

# of all open Winamp ( go to Options - Preferences).The preferences window will appear.Select from the down,left side the DSP/effects category,then select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP,after which press the Configure active plug-in button.In the window that will appear select the Encoder option and make the following changes:
1.In the encoders list choose Encoder2.
2.At Encoder Type choose Mp3 Encoder.
3.At Encoder Settings choose your connection type.
4.Now click Output and choose from that list Output2.
5.Click on the Connection button and at Password put the password that you've putted in the text document earlier.
6.At the Encoder option choose 2.
7.Now click on the Yellowpages button and mark the Make this server public option.
8.At Description put the name of your desired radio station (ex. Total ICE FM).,then mark the Enable TitleUpdates option.
9.Press the CONNECT button. From this very moment you are broadcasting on the net.Have fun!

IMPORTANT:If somebody wants to connect to your station you must know your IP Address ( for example: and that person must open Winamp - Add - Add URL - OK.
The general form is: http://your IP Address:8000
By: Galaktic

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