How To Setup Premium Rapidshare Account In IDM


First you have to download & install IDMInternet Download Manager in your computer.
When Setup Premium Rapidshare Account In IDM, your will save a lots of time for download with Rapidshare links, you don't have to typing the account again anymore, don't have to click on the links & IDM help you download with maximum speed.

step 1. Open IDM
step 2. Click Options => Sites Logins
step 3. New
step 4. Select http://
step 5. typing
step 6. you account
step 7. your password
step 8. comfirm password
step 9. click Ok


How to download

if you see single link
2.just right click on the link (Select download with IDM)
3.If you see 2,3,4,5,6....or more than 1 link just highlight all links then right click (Select download with IDM)
4.after that you will see the window said"Download All Links with IDM" check All then click Ok
6.then go back to IDM window click Start Queue

How To Burn ISZ. Files


How To Burn ISZ. Files using Daemon-Tools

Step 1

Install Daemon tools. When you do this, it will restart your Computer.
When it restarts, it will complete the setup.(Be careful however as there is one part towards the end of the install that if you click to accept, will sign you up to annoying adware Simply click decline)

Step 2

Install ISORecorder and ImgBurn (You only need to install imgburn if you dont have a burning program already, that is capable of burning iso's

Step 3

The latest version of daemontools has ISZ support.

So, rightclick on the lighting bolt on your taskbar (daemontools icon)
then goto --> Virtual CD/DVD --> Device 0: (There should only be one) --> Mount Image.
Navigate to your isz image file. This will mount you isz file as a virtual cd. It will appear as if you have inserted the cd.

Step 4

Find the virtual cd in my computer. Right click on it. ISORecorder should have added an option to "Create Image from CD" - click on it. Follow the cd recording wizard.

Step 5

You will now have an iso file, made from your original isz. You simply burn this with imgburn or just about any other CD burner(Nero).

How To Play SWF File In Asp.Net

How To Play SWF File In Asp.Net/Visual Studio/C#

Yes you can play flash file in easily .i am using it one of my project and it works great.You can download FlashControl and include it in all your projects very easily !!

Step 1

go to website Download FlashControl v2.4 Free Version (yes !! free version works perfectly) or you can buy full version from site

Step 2

Put FlashControl.dll somewhere on your hard drive, "C:\temp\" for example. Now in Visual Studio, open the Toolbox window, right-click on a tab (you can create a new one if you want) and select "Choose items...", then on the ".Net Framework components" tab click "Browse..." and select the "FlashControl.dll" file located in "C:\temp\" directory. Finally click the "OK" button and FlashControl appears on the Toolbox.(if not just restat visual studio) Now you can drag and drop it on your webform in the Visual Studio designer !

Step 3 follow ScreenShoots

How To Using USB Stick To Run Readyboost in Windows Vista

For those who aren't keen on opening up their PC to put in more memory, Windows Vista has a handy little feature called ReadyBoost that can use USB sticks for additional memory.But Windows Vista doesn't take kindly to the slower sticks on the market and refuses to use them. Proving once again that we control the computer and not the other way around, here's four simple steps to get around this limitation and use any USB stick you have to increase your computers memory.

Step 1 :SetUp

First things first. Plug the device in. Ignore AutoPlay if you have the enabled, and go to Computer in the start menu. When it pops up, right-click the USB stick and select properties.

Step 2 :Disable the stick

Click on the Readyboost tab on the properties menu and check Do not restest this device. Click okay and unplug the stick from your computer.

3. Edit the registry!

Firstly, you need to open regedit, by opening the start menu and typing regedit, then enter. The registry window should load up.

Using the left-hand pane, work your way through the following folders: HKLM (Local Machine) -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> EMDgmt. You'll have a list of USB devices the computer has encountered, one of which should be your USB stick. Click on it.

Here there's a few details you need to edit. Double click on Device Status and change the value to 2, then ok. Do the same for ReadSpeedKBs and WriteSpeedKBs, changing their values to both 1000. Exit the regedit and breathe a sigh of relief.

4. And back in again

now all that's left to do is put the stick back in and once again go to the device properties (Computer > Right-click on drive). If you look under the Readyboost Tab, you'll be able to now select Use this device.

How to Burn 3 DVDrip movies on 1 DVD


How to Burn three DVDrip movies on one DVD

here i tell you how to burn 3 DVDrip movies into a single 4.5 GB DVD. It's very easy, anyone can do it. here it goes:

First of all, the requirements. For this, you need Nero 7 or 8 Premium or higher. and the specific program you will be using within Nero is, Nero Vision.

Ok. Now you need to open Nero Home and choose Videos and click on create your own dvd.

Now you should see this:

and before we add the video files, we have to change a few settings.

click on "More" and you will see

Ok, you can tick the box on the right side, if you want Nero to create chapters in the movie automatically, i always do, it's a great option. ok now the important bit.

Click one the Video Options and choose the DVD-Video Tab.

In the "Quality Setting", change it to "Super Long Play" and that's it! click ok.

Now you have to add video files that you want to burn. AVI is the most common in dvdrips and they work brilliantly. but sometimes wmv's wont play in the dvd player but as for .avi, they work in absolutely every dvd player.

Ok, go ahead and add 2-3 video files. Just click on "add video files" on the right panel and choose your video files. now i have to mention that this "super long play" works with the duration of movies, and it has a limit, so if you have 3 long movies, you might just pass the limit a bit, but if you try a different combination of movies, you get thorough.

as you can see, i have added 3 movies. you can see the duration, so it's not fack.

ok, once you are done, click next.

now, since you have 3 movies, you need some kind of menu to select the movies from. now you can choose a pre-defined style from the drop-down menu and select one. and you can change the title's and etc by clicking on edit Menu.

Now the Next stop is the preview. it shows you how it looks in your DVD player.

and you are nearly done. click next to choose the burning device.

ok, once you click next, it will start encoding the movie and then burn it onto a dvd. here are very important points, which you better have a look at:

Do Not use the computer while it is encoding, it will effect the movie very badly, such as lagging while playing and the sound and picture won't match and etc. it takes quit long, 2-3 hours or more depending on your cpu, but your best bet is to leave it to encode and burn over the night.

when the dvd was burnt and you played it on the pc, don't be disappointed with quality, because it won't have a good quality due to the dvd encoder on your pc, try it on your DVD player and you'll be amazed.

and lastly, DO NOT use a laptop for this, even if it is a power house like mine, my laptop is twice powerful than my desktop, but my desktop encodes it better for some reason.

No Right Click - Without Javascript


No Right Click - Without Javascript

If you want to use a simple no-right-clicking ban (without annoying pop-ups etc) simply use this as your code

<*body oncontextmenu="return false"*>
Plz Delete "*" star !!
The page wont respond when a user right clicks - doesn't include any Pop-Ups

How To Create Fakes With Webpages


you can edit or make fun with any live page very easily with this script just follw the simple steps

1 Go to your browser..

2 Go to the targeted webpage(like me i am targeted google home page)

3 Type this text: Code:
javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0
Into your URL box

4 Now you can edit the page very easily!!
have Fun !!

How To Burn .MKV Files To DVD For dvd Player

Burn .MKV Files To DVD For dvd Player

Download the program VSO ConvertXToDVD 2.x!
After Installation check for the settings! Menu - "Settings" -> "General".
How To Burn .MKV Files To DVD For dvd Player

"Working Folder" -> Folder with resulting dvd structure files!

Go through all tabs. Most of the settings are selfexplaining. An important tab is "TV Format"! Set "Video Standard" for your region. "TV Screen" have to be set to "Automatic".

ConvertXToDVD don't support internal subtitle files within .mkv. You need to download the subtitle for your movie from the external subtitle collection (Check below) and put it in the same folder as the .mkv movie file.

Next step: Adding .mkv files with clicking on the green "+":

How To Burn .MKV Files To DVD For dvd Player
Check for the subtitles. There should be the entry "1 Subtitle Stream - 0 internal, 1 external". If you double click the movie you get a video preview window.

You are ready to "Convert". You can burn the files using Nero and "DVD Video" profile.

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How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

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How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

How to play .mkv files on your computer

First download the Community Codec Pack which can be found here:

To watch these files you need just GOM player or VLC media player (no support for 6ch AAC at the moment, plays it as 2ch). If you want to use Media Player Classic you need some addons: ffdshow decoder + Haali MediaSplitter + AC3filter + VSfilter.

Package with Media Player Classic + addons:

Check for the settings in Media Player Classic (menu - "View" -> "Options"):
How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

Links to the other players:

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How To Hide User Account In Windows XP

Hide User Account In winXP

Hopefully someone will find this useful. I have done this on my machine as well.

To a hide an account to display on the welcome screen of Xp here is a very good way:

1. Open regedit

2. Browse to
Hkey_local_machine> software>microsoft>windows nt>Currentversion>winlogon>special Accounts>Userlist

Here you will see a list of all accounts on XP which are hidden and do not display on welcome screen. Yes XP does create useless accounts as you see there.

3. Go on the right pane, right click, create a new dword value with its name as the exact username you want to hide and its value as "0" without the quotes.
Now if you have only one account on XP and you want to hide it,

If you do this accidently, it will make an infinite restart loop in your computer. If you accidently do it, then just login in safe mode and remove the value you just set in the regedit.
If you only have one account and want to do this, you will have to disable welcome screen & fast user switching in USERS in control panel.

What I did was: create a dummy limited account for people who want to access my machine sometimes. And I hided my own account using the proceedure mentioned.

To access this hidden account from the welcome screen press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice and you can enter your username and password.

How To Play Anything In Winamp


How To Play Anything In Winamp

Winamp is an excellent media player but some people think it can only play only audio formats and very few video formats, but this trick that will enable all you winamp freaks to play almost all videos in winamp because winamp can already play almost all audio formats, so this tutorial will show u how to play various videos in winamp that are not actually handled by winamp in general.

Ok, so lets get started
What u need:
1. Klite Mega Codec Pack
2. Winamp

And I assume winamp is already installed, so all u need to do is install all codecs of KLMPC(Klite Mega Codec Pack)and finish the installation.

Now open winamp and goto
Double click "Nullsoft Directshow Decoder"
And add the extension u wanna play e.g., "RA;RM;RMVB;MP4;M4V;MKV;FLV", without("")
Close winamp and start again now try playing the files and u will notice that winamp will pick em up just like any other file it generally plays.

Note: Download "KLMPC" only as "KLCP" does not have real alternative included in the package but if u install KLCP u can still install real alternative seperately.

By default winamp only handles "MPG;MPEG;M2V;AVI" extensions

U can play quicktime files also after installing qt alternative and add the "MOV" to "Nullsoft Directshow Decoder" but protected quicktime files still require actual quicktime installed.
Enjoy !!

How To Fix The Crash In Call Of Duty 4


How To Fix The Crash In Call Of Duty 4

If this happens to you:

Send - Don't Send , file that causes the crash is called


then do this:

goto: [Call Of Duty 4 Root Folder]\Miles

and rename the mssmp3.asi (or some extension) to:


now your game will work (Not Tested)

How To Split Files And Upload Them To Rapidshare


How To Split Files And Upload Them To Rapidshare

Before we start you will need a program called Win-RAR


Ok, now we are ready. Find a file you want to upload that's over 100 mb.
put the file in a folder, right click on the folder and choose the following option:

Set the Size you want each part to be splitted: (Best choice of 100mb per part)

You should get a result like this:

Now the fastest way to upload your files to Rapidshare is using Rapid Uploader.
it's easy and there's no open windows making your internet surfing slower.