How to Burn 3 DVDrip movies on 1 DVD


How to Burn three DVDrip movies on one DVD

here i tell you how to burn 3 DVDrip movies into a single 4.5 GB DVD. It's very easy, anyone can do it. here it goes:

First of all, the requirements. For this, you need Nero 7 or 8 Premium or higher. and the specific program you will be using within Nero is, Nero Vision.

Ok. Now you need to open Nero Home and choose Videos and click on create your own dvd.

Now you should see this:

and before we add the video files, we have to change a few settings.

click on "More" and you will see

Ok, you can tick the box on the right side, if you want Nero to create chapters in the movie automatically, i always do, it's a great option. ok now the important bit.

Click one the Video Options and choose the DVD-Video Tab.

In the "Quality Setting", change it to "Super Long Play" and that's it! click ok.

Now you have to add video files that you want to burn. AVI is the most common in dvdrips and they work brilliantly. but sometimes wmv's wont play in the dvd player but as for .avi, they work in absolutely every dvd player.

Ok, go ahead and add 2-3 video files. Just click on "add video files" on the right panel and choose your video files. now i have to mention that this "super long play" works with the duration of movies, and it has a limit, so if you have 3 long movies, you might just pass the limit a bit, but if you try a different combination of movies, you get thorough.

as you can see, i have added 3 movies. you can see the duration, so it's not fack.

ok, once you are done, click next.

now, since you have 3 movies, you need some kind of menu to select the movies from. now you can choose a pre-defined style from the drop-down menu and select one. and you can change the title's and etc by clicking on edit Menu.

Now the Next stop is the preview. it shows you how it looks in your DVD player.

and you are nearly done. click next to choose the burning device.

ok, once you click next, it will start encoding the movie and then burn it onto a dvd. here are very important points, which you better have a look at:

Do Not use the computer while it is encoding, it will effect the movie very badly, such as lagging while playing and the sound and picture won't match and etc. it takes quit long, 2-3 hours or more depending on your cpu, but your best bet is to leave it to encode and burn over the night.

when the dvd was burnt and you played it on the pc, don't be disappointed with quality, because it won't have a good quality due to the dvd encoder on your pc, try it on your DVD player and you'll be amazed.

and lastly, DO NOT use a laptop for this, even if it is a power house like mine, my laptop is twice powerful than my desktop, but my desktop encodes it better for some reason.

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