How To Burn ISZ. Files


How To Burn ISZ. Files using Daemon-Tools

Step 1

Install Daemon tools. When you do this, it will restart your Computer.
When it restarts, it will complete the setup.(Be careful however as there is one part towards the end of the install that if you click to accept, will sign you up to annoying adware Simply click decline)

Step 2

Install ISORecorder and ImgBurn (You only need to install imgburn if you dont have a burning program already, that is capable of burning iso's

Step 3

The latest version of daemontools has ISZ support.

So, rightclick on the lighting bolt on your taskbar (daemontools icon)
then goto --> Virtual CD/DVD --> Device 0: (There should only be one) --> Mount Image.
Navigate to your isz image file. This will mount you isz file as a virtual cd. It will appear as if you have inserted the cd.

Step 4

Find the virtual cd in my computer. Right click on it. ISORecorder should have added an option to "Create Image from CD" - click on it. Follow the cd recording wizard.

Step 5

You will now have an iso file, made from your original isz. You simply burn this with imgburn or just about any other CD burner(Nero).

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AnyToISO can convert ISZ to ISO for free on Windows and Mac. You can extract or burn the resulting ISO after that

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Thanks, this was very helpful.

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